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A classic invitation tray, black with a double mount (ivory on blue) finished with a gold wash-line and gold-edged glass
Recording a memorable occasion, this large tray in burgundy has multiple windows in the mount and gold-edged glass
Another way of marking a memorable occasion, this time with a photograph surrounded with the signatures of the principle guests
A delightful Christening gift. A cream tray with the recipients name or intitials Hand-written on fine card in a calligraphy style of your choice with an ivory mount
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A variety of styles shown here and can be designed to your own specification
A more ‘country’ style, this is our wave tray with a white distressed finished. It is also available in clear varnished ash.
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Simple and elegant – a medium sized tray with a double invitation in a black mount and set off with a single silver wash-line.
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Another classic style, this time in blue with a gold wash-line round the invitation.
This small sized tray (perfect for drinks) perfectly fits the photograph and is completed by a hand-applied gold edging on the underside of the glass.
The addition of folding legs turn this wave tray into an attractive and useful piece of furniture – similar legs are available to match all the trays
Something a little different – these salmon flies in a medium burgundy tray have been individually mounted and labelled; a wonderful gift for a keen fisherman
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